Thursday, December 15

christmas came early

Last night Christmas came early for a special someone in my life :) 
Lindo took me out to our favorite sushi place in the whole world just to treat me :) So afterwards I surprised him (in the truck lol) with his Christmas gift - only 15 days to return it, so wanted to make sure he LOVED it and had time to play with it before I can't return it anymore.
Some photos are a little blurred because he was moving around like a squirming child lol.
 His reaction:
Looks like I won't be returning it :)
[Merry Christmas Love]


Ayduhh said...

lol he's such a lil kid

Redheaded Daybook said...

I love that he's a kid hehe. Makes things like this a serious joy lol

Kat said...

haha lucky him!! i want an ipadddd! :P

Jamie said...

That's a good Christmas!