Monday, November 14

weekend madness!

So I realized I don't post on the weekends much, so I'm going to start Weekend Madness every Monday :) Should be a collection of photos and hopefully interesting stories :)  This weekend I didn't get many photos because the idea hit me this morning.  So below are only a few from two things I did this weekend :)

Next Monday I will have LOTS of fun photos and stories for you guys!!

Friday Night:
Decided to put on my creative cap and let out some stress by making some cute, unique earrings :) (they are elephants tee-hee)

Saturday Night:
Lindo, his cousin Michelle and I went over to my good friend, Paco's house.  It was fun. We were suppose to watch movies, but you know how plans change once everyone is together. It was a good night of friendship, jokes and music videos. OH! Not to mention that I was bad and we went to get In n' Out at 11pm! But guess I can work that off at the gym.


Pacito putting on his winter hat before we head to In n' Out because I stole his jacket hehe. Which BTW was SUPER warm! Thanks Pacito :)

PS! Tonight I'm posting up the winner of Friday's Giveaway!
Thanks all who participated :) There will be more giveaways!

Happy Monday


AdamAlexMommy said...

super cute earrings, and it looks like you and your friends (including your dog) are having so much fun. great blog - following you. :)


Redheaded Daybook said...

Aw! You are wonderful :)

I'm going to check your blog out now!

Thanks so much for the support :)