Tuesday, November 1

Dedicated To You

I started writing because I wanted to be able to inspire and encourage others.  Of course I like to entertain as well (hints all the crazy stuff from my life lol).  But today, something very serious happened to one of the strongest, loveliness and most loving woman I know.  I wanted to dedicate this to you girl.  I know that it's hard, but God knows what to do.  Below is something I've been working on and have never finished.  And today, after what happened with you, you broke my writers block and this just flowed (sorry it's a little... poetic lol. But I hope it speaks to your heart).

After The Storm

We find ourselves in situations in life without answers.  And it's frustrating, and creates a lot of uncertain feelings. Some of love, joy, responsibility and hope.  Other times of regret, suffocation, sadness and hopelessness.  Of course we want the happier of the two emotions but we are human and female; and like most females we tend to think the worst of everything. Life teases and pulls us into a pit where even a good thing creates negative energy and responses from us.

Take a move into a new home. Where feelings of joy, love and optimistic dreams should be flourishing, feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear develop. Can we afford this? Will we be happy? Are we ready for this? We should take everything with a grain of salt.  Flavor life a little. But naturally we tend to spill the salt shaker and overwhelm our food, making it too salty.

I know I'm using a lot of metaphors and English junk, but hope this is making some sense and is relateable.

Life is not always what we envision or want but I guess the lesson here is make it your best, live it well and overcome your struggle (I know you can).  There's a silver lining in every tragedy. A rainbow after every storm.  Find the best in the worst and change your mindset and I promise flowers will grow among the cow dung.  Crap in our life should fertilize us to be beautiful, just like a garden.  We were designed to live, learn, and love.  Don't forget that the greatest among these, love.

Don't let your heart be hardened mami.  And my prayer is that you will find strength and remember love is what God called us to do.

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