Thursday, November 10

raw lil amber: part I

I'm doing a little bit of reflection this week; I've just been feeling a little unfulfilled. It's crazy because I have a wonderful job, a great hubby, a family that is finally starting to be a family and the most awesome puppies. 

Upon reflecting my thoughts keep going back to babies. That's right, actual babies. Lindo and I have decided that we want to move into another house and get our life together (married and all that jazz) before trying for a child. My secret: IM TERRIFIED. 

I've read the stories, talked to all the mommies and heard all the ups and downs of it all. Course that doesn't make me ready or prepared in any way. But as I've been told by young and old mommies alike, you are never ready

I'm just dealing with my own feelings now. Part of me says YES, the other half says NO.

What to do?!. I'm feeling totally lost in feelings and this decision is huge (and I've been fighting with these thoughts/feelings for a couple years now).  Sigh. 

How do you KNOW when your ready to bring another life into your life?

I may touch on this subject again, because it's really heavy on my heart.

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