Monday, November 14

easy & quick christmas candle holder

OH!! I forgot that I made a Christmas Candle Holder this weekend.  Nothing too special. Just a little project that I wanted to test out before I get too crazy lol.

Wine Glass
Felt Christmas Stickers
Little Bag of Gems (for vases)

Take the felt stickers and place them on the wine glass - play around with the placing, that's the most important part.  When you're ready peel off the backings and place them on the wine glass (be sure to press them firmly so they stick).

Once you have all the stickers pressed on, fill your glass to your desired height with gems and the candle :) 

Light and enjoy lol.

Couple issues I ran into that I hope to per-fect: 
Candle melted all over my gems - thinking of wrapping foil or something to prevent the mess
The stickers started to peel off - thinking of crazy glue or hot glue gun (I'll test both)

Also, next time I'm going to add some bows to the stem to add more oommff lol.

Enjoy :)

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