Monday, November 7

Friday Giveaway

I know it's just Monday, but we all look forward to Friday :) And this Friday I'm making it super special. I'm giving away this adorable pink stretch flower ring with rhinestones by Apostrophe.

Rings are my FAVORITE accessory, especial the stretch band ones (means I can wear it even if my fingers swell up lol).

You don't have to be a woman to win (for my male readers); holidays are coming up and you can regift the gift! Think about the special wonderful women/ladies/girls in your life.

Simple to win:
1) Follow my blog - if this goes well I'm thinking of doing more gifts in the future!
2) Comment below; can be about ANYTHING you want! Tell me what gifts you would like to see given away or even what topics you would like me to blog about.  You're the reason I write.

I'll be raffling the winner from those who comment and are members (if you are a member already, all you have to do is comment!!). 

And if you get your friends to join, they need to comment your name below and they will be entered for a chance to win and you will be enter for another chance to win (that's two chances with just one friend joining!! - the person whose name is commented must be a member as well to be entered)

Happy Monday Beautifuls!


Bobbi Harper said...

This is too young for me. But my teenage daughter would love it!

Kelly Robertson said...

Cute idea.
Would love to win.

Jessica Cerrots said...

PS. Can you blog about relationships? With men? Sometimes I just need advice.

Greg Harner said...

Thought about posting, cause it seems weird for a man to want this. But my lil sister loves this, so thought I'd give it a shot.

Materialize Me said...

You all are so awesome! Good luck to them all.

And Jessica - you got it girl!

Ami said...

You are so cute!
And the ring is pretty!
Keep writing! Love reading.

Smiles - ami

Anonymous said...

I love to win that pretty ring.
Just got this cut red dress.
It would be cute with it.

brendice said...

i love pink and i of course love this ring

Materialize Me said...

I LOVE RED! & not only because I'm a redhead :) Send me an email (since you want to be anonymous) so I can put your name into the drawing!

Brendice - pink is def my favorite color to wear :) be sure to follow my blog for a chance to win! Invite your friends and have them comment your name on this post for ANOTHER chance to win :)

Materialize Me said...

PS. I'm feeling so blessed to have such wonderful people reading :)

stay beautiful (and handsome Greg)

Little Beyonce said...

Count me in!
Following :)

The Violet Tulip said...

following :)