Wednesday, November 16

it's cause you're white

Grocery Shopping is always more fun with a friend :)

I went with Pacito to the grocery store last night and it was so funny! So bummed that I didn't get more photos (phone died), but here's a good one :)
I swear he stood there staring at cheeses for what felt like forever. I missed capturing his expression because I was so busy laughing so hard my eyes teared.

One of the highlights of my night haha.

We had to keep our food separate cause I made him push the buggy :P And Pacito was all upset when we left the store, because I was personally helped by a few people and they didn't so much as glance at him. He told me "It's cause you're white" and I had to laugh and reply "I think it's cause I'm a girl" lol.

Once we got to my car he claimed the right backseat and I got the left. He said "This is how it would be if we were roommates" and on that note, I felt a little pain in my chest. Because I never got to experience life with a roommate :( Wasn't in the plan for my life I guess.  

But I enjoy these moments <3


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Steve G.

Redheaded Daybook said...

Thanks Steve :)
I'm happy to attract such a great audience :)