Wednesday, November 30

birthday fun & holiday nails

Gaby's Birthday Bash

Okay, so I LOVE birthday parties. And I especially LOVE girl birthday parties. Seeing all the pretty fits, shoes and BAGS! OMG! My friend has the CUTEST bag - and course I forgot to get a picture! Bummer.  Hopefully hubby will get me the bag for Christmas and I can take photos then :)

Anyways, Gaby's birthday bash was fun! We went to this awesome sushi place in NoHo where they blast music, do games and there's ton of entertainment. Plus, Lindo and I got to see some old friends :)

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from that evening.  I LOVED my fit, especially with the hot pink heels with the gray dress. Dressing up is always fun and taking tons of photos is even funNER lol.

Overall great night :)

OH! Did my nails bold red last night :)
Merry Pre-Christmas hehe.


Nicole said...

lovely nails dear! and yay for awesome nights!


Redheaded Daybook said...

Aw thank you :)
You can tell I didn't go to the shop for them but I'm in love with the color <3