Tuesday, November 1

Party Days = Over

So I know that Halloween was yesterday (Monday) but of course we have to celebrate on the weekend with all our friends (and family) on the weekend.  So Saturday Lindo & I did.  And we will not party again....

8pm: Sitting on the couch, flipping through channels, watching some mystery and Scream the movie (cause it's Halloween weekend, makes sense).
9pm: Lindo turns to me (for the MILLIONTH time that hour) 'So we going out or what?' I reply (still flipping through channels) 'I guess. Not really feeling it'.  Lindo grunts (that man thing men do) 'You're so lame'.

10:30pm: So course, I'm not lame and get talked into going to this house party his cousin, Michelle, knows about in Reseda.  Mistake.

11:30pm: Party was fun!
Cousin Michelle & I in our cute outfits

Lindo went as Michael Myers :)

Had to steal Michelle's horns for at least one photo.

All was fun until our friend got jumped and a huge fight broke out.  Now, I was going to leave the next part out, but since I've already been yelled out for sharing it with a couple people and I don't think Lindo reads my yammering here anyways, I'll share with you :)

Before any fights broke out, Lindo and I were trying to figure out what happened to our friend and why he got jumped.  Another friend (who Lindo and I had just met and seemed to hit it off with SUPER well with earlier that night) barges through up to our friend and screams 'WHO JUMPED YOU ADRIAN!'  In the drunkeness of both Adrian and his screaming friend, Adrian replied 'All these fools' (sensored what was really said of course).  Adrian then started asking Lindo something and Adrian's friend turns and says 'This guy?!.' and Lindo gets knocked out!

Thus, ends our partying days forever.
But I have to say, my man is the sexiest thing ever.  He took that cheap, out of nowhere shot like a champ!
I love you bay <3

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