Thursday, January 31

pregnancy must haves part 2

I had given you my top 5 pregnancy must haves HERE, but I have since then had requests for another list. So I threw this bad boy together.
First off, I'm 26 weeks now, so I have some new items that I must have.
Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion - I was using this baby bump rub that I was got from the Motherhood store, but the doctor told me that it was causing rashes and I should stop using it immediately. Instead she told me to use my usual lotion because there is NOTHING that prevents stretch marks but lotion will help soothe. I have to agree! I love this stuff. After showering, before dressing I just lather up and I'm good to go.
Jeggings/Stretch Pants - how was I ever going to live without these?!. I swear I have invested in several pairs of stretchy pants! Best decision I have ever made. They are comfortable and flattering!! I don't have to give up my pant-hugging style just because I'm pregnant, SCORE! Not to mention they make me feel like they are holding my new growing fatty places in place, which is sensational.
Inspirational Yoga Mat - I can't say enough about this lovely mat! Not only is it cushioning and long enough that I can just do anything on this thing. But it has these amazing inspirational quotes all over it. Sometimes when I'm in a standing pose looking down at my mat during prenatal yoga, I read the quotes and can't help but smile. It's encouraging. Plus the mat is two cute colors, bluish on one side and pretty bright green on the other.
Body Pillow - okay, so any pillow is great. Lots of pillows is even better. But this little body pillow is sensational!! I love how it hugs my body and boosts up my belly and comforts Daymien while we sleep. I seriously sleep with 4-6 pillows every night. One under my head, two on each side of my belly, 1-2 under my legs and another at my head in case I find another place while I'm sleeping to put it. Pillows are a Godsend, trust me!
Bananas - this is an odd must-have I know, but it's so true!!! Talk about a craving, I have to have a banana at least once-twice EVERYDAY! I swear I have to have one or I feel like I'm depriving my body and my baby. So I've been buying bananas literally everytime I go to the grocery store (which seems like every other day these days). Plus, the doctor said that bananas are helpful for those awful pregnancy leg cramps....which is a topic for another day.
That's about it for this pregnancy must haves. Do you have any items that you must have during your pregnancy?!.
[happy thursday!]


birdie to be said...

Im not preggo... but Im pretty sure I need that pillow!

Annie said...

I want that body pillow and I'm NOT pregnant...that thang looks awesome :)

The Other Side of Gray

Ginny said...

So funny about bananas. I craved convience store slushies like crazy!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

When my sis was pregnant, she bought herself a pair of pregnancy jeans and never looked back - they fit her really well and they were so comfy - yours look great!

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Wow that body pillow looks comfy I want that and I am not even pregnant!

Ali of

Stephanie said...

When my husband works nights, I always wish I had that pillow just so it felt that the bed wasn't so empty haha. Kate Middleton was out shopping for jeggings at Gap the other day too!

ChatterBlossom said...

Pregnancy or no, that body pillow looks amazing!

Angie {Gracefully Giddy} said...

I wish I would have had that pillow when I was pregnant!