Friday, January 25

fashion friday!

I absolutely love the warmish weather we have been having! It's so gorgeous outside and it warms your skin but doesn't fry you. You just want to sit out and soak in the rays.
So I took advantage and put on my new 'prego friendly' dress :)

Have you ever noticed that when your pregnant, most dresses do nothing to flatter your new hearty figure? I have! I bought some cute dresses that I thought I would be so adorable in, but once I got home and put them on, I looked like a whale!! Literally. And why is it when you try something on at the store and you think it looks decent, when you get home your mirror morphs your body or plays up the places possible and you end up having to return it? Odd, but it happens to me ALL the time.

That's why I'm in LOVE with this cute pink dress with the birds! It doesn't make me feel like I just swallowed a watermelon and tried to mask it with a cape just thrown over my body.
Fire Babydoll Dress: Macys (similar); Silver Chain Necklace: Macys

Do you have any favorite dresses?

Want more fashion?!.
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Kati said...

Love this dress so much!!


Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

That dress is great, pregnant or not! It accentuates all of the great parts of pregnancy. :) You look adorable. Thanks for linking up!

Style Journey said...

What an adorable dress and it looks great with your super cute baby bump :)

Frock and Kohl said...

Lovely blog and love that its a focus on being a redhead. I dabbled in being a redhead for a bit and it was my fave look, so much so Im thinking of doing it again! x

Kat said...

awww i loveeeee that dress!!! the print is soo cute :D and they color is so pretty :)

Linda Ruan said...

Love the dress!

Ginny said...

I think you look super cute! When I was pregnant I also thought I looked cute and then I looked at pictures and realized I looked like the Goodyear bling. Urg. You, on the other hand look fabulous!

Mree said...

Love the dress!! You look fantastic!! Have a great weekend!!

Rachel said...

That dress looks so cute on you! I know what you mean about maternity dresses! I've seen some of my friends wearing dresses that just made them look so much bigger than they looked when wearing jeans! It really needs to be the right style.

Rebecca said...

I'm convinced they do something to the mirrors at the stores. Clothing always looks better there than it does in my bathroom mirror!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Great dress ... also I love your hair!

Have a great weekend!
World According to Shia

AllAboutLife said...

what a n amazing blog!!! really love it!!

If u want invite u to visit our blog and we can follow each other :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I'm convinced some retailers do something with their in-store mirrors to make up look slimmer in their wares so we'll buy more, hehe.

Regardless, you look great in that pretty dress!

Blue Dog Belle said...

You look great love!

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Very cute!
Isn’t That Charming.

Annie said...

That dress is SO cute - love the pattern!

The Other Side of Gray

birdie to be said...

Loving your bird dress :)