Monday, January 28

things you really don't need for baby

A friend of mine sent me this blog link and told me I had to read it! Course since I'm pregnant and doing all the reading I can - between keeping house, making appointments, going to work, running 3 businesses and making a baby (lol) - I plopped down and decided to take a moment to read this hysterically written and probably all true 10 (OK, 9) Things You Really Don’t Need For Baby .

I have to say I have broken 6 of the 10 things! Guess that's how you weed out the new mommies from the experienced ones.

And now some photos from my lovely pregnancy life :) - some of the photos are a recap, but I like them!
Haha. I have NO idea why I was leaning like that lol.


Benlovesting said...

You look awesome:)

Ginny said...

Yeah, don't worry about what some of the "experts" say, do what you want when it comes to you sweet baby :) I still love the bird dress too :)

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

You are seriously glowing!! Adorable.
Isn’t That Charming.

Rachel said...

You're so cute! And I had to laugh at the article about things you don't need--I don't think I'll be much of a "baby stuff" person...but I guess we'll wait and see what I do when the time comes. My youngest sister is 5 years younger than the rest of us--my parents didn't have any baby stuff any more and they weren't going to buy anything they didn't absolutely need for the one last baby. I'm pretty sure I remember her getting baths in a bucket.

Annie said...

You look so happy and adorable :)

The Other Side of Gray

ChatterBlossom said...

Super cute prego photo montage! That mint sweater is really pretty!

birdie to be said...

HA! I just read those... hilarious post! :) Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

stylish preggy!my favorite look is you with the mint sweater,so pretty:)