Thursday, January 17

pregnancy must haves

Inspired by the lovely Anna

Since I'm a first time mommy-to-be I find myself really trying to absorb and learn as much as I can from others. I've been reading the books, blogs, and taking advice from other mommys. Some things I've learned help so much! But I've also learned a couple things myself :) 

1 - Plush Bath Pillow: If you didn't need/use one before then you will! I have never owned a bath pillow before but recently decided why not! So I purchased my very first bath pillow and have thanked myself ever since. This little beauty just makes soaking my achy body so much more enjoyable. And if you don't want to go out and spend $30 on a pillow, just grab a fluffy bath towel, fold it up and enjoy!

2 - Flats: Doesn't matter what kind of flats you buy, as long as they are slip-ons; I find that Payless has a good variety to choose from so you're not spending $100s. But I seriously wear nothing but flats anymore, even slip-on boots! Since I'm growing huge faster than most folks, I have found it difficult already to simply put on shoes. Flats have seriously been my lifesaver. And the best part, I don't need to ask the hubby to help. I just slip-on and go! Now socks is another story...

3 - Maternity Band: I don't think I can really say enough about the maternity band. I bought my first one when I was about 2 months pregnant (again, I was a SUPER early shower) and really started using it when I hit 3 1/2 months. I could still fit all my pants, I just couldn't get that button to meet the hole or that zipper quite up all the way. Currently I still wear my maternity band which has saved me from buying too many maternity bottoms, but now that my hips are coming in, don't know how much longer I can pull off getting my pants up. Great investment!

4 - Plush Pajama Bottoms: This may totally be just me, but I could live in my plush pink leopard pajama bottoms! They are so comfortable, stretchy and warm. All the things a mommy-to-be NEEDS. My mother buys all us kids plush pajama bottoms every year for Christmas and this year I hugged her so tight I nearly took the breath out of her. Seriously, you have not felt comfort like this. You don't have to worry if you can get them on, don't have to make any modifications to them, don't have to shimmy in or pray they don't rip apart when you take a seat. Definitely my favorite item.

5 - Plush House Slippers: Another all time favorite, and again, this may just be me. But since I'm pregnant during the winter, and my house has zero heating at the moment (besides my wonderful space heater) I found plush house slippers are the best kind of comfort for my little frozen ones. Plus I love that it feels like I'm walking on air, although that feeling is short lived when my legs swell up and remind me that I'm humongous! But a nice feature is you can get these slippers in any color you can think of or any animal shape imaginable. AND! They come in booty ankles, clog style, thongs, and more! Just a little added awesomeness to fit your personality.

Do you have some great items you love during pregnancy?
I would love to hear from you!

[happy thursday!]


Kat said...

haha aw i love the pj bottoms :D so cute!

A Possible Fantasy said...

i'll try to remember this :) said...

Great tips! Looking forward to being Prego in a year or two ;) congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

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