Thursday, January 24

baby boy

So as you know by now, I'm having a baby boy :) And I'm thrilled!! Means daddy has to teach him all the important things. No tampons, boys are jerks or emotional sex talks for me! Of course I want to have that open relationship where he can come and we can talk about anything. Me telling him that girls are evil of course and just want him for his handsome good looks and the money in his college piggy bank. But I know that daddy will be the role model, the go-to person and I'm okay with that...for now. We'll see how things change once he's here and getting older.

I thought it would be fun to post up some photos of the items we have bought and put up in his room already though. But first I have to say, why do girls get all the cute stuff!!! I swear there were a thousand things I wanted to buy just walking down the aisle but knew it would be in vein as my little boy would hate me for buying him princess pink owls and frilly little comforters.
How adorable is this!! I swear I will still go back and pick this up and find a way to have it in my house.

BUT, we did find some adorable boy stuff that we just couldn't pass up. And yes, I already KNOW, we shouldn't be buying stuff yet. But hey, I'm a new mommy and have this unfaltering excitement to just do all the things that they tell me NOT to do just because it feels great at the moment. here's some items we picked out:

 Chalkboard Piggy Bank -  Lindo and I use to do this 'competition' where we had our own jars that we would fill up with coins (since who uses change anymore?!.) and when we decided to go on a vacation we would take our jars and cash them in. And we use to compete to see who had the most cash at the end. Course Lindo ALWAYS won cause he uses cash for everything! And poor little 'ol me couldn't give up the plastic. So now our new thing is taking all the change we use to put in our jars and fill up Daymien's piggy bank! Kinda like a pre-mature college fund if you will. And once it's full we will cash in and stash the cash and fill it up again.

 Dinosaur Pillow Pet - Folks always tell me 'Don't give away too much cause other pregnant women may try to steal it'. But honestly, creativity should be shared in my opinion. And as you will find out, our sons' 'theme' is dinosaurs! Roar! So anytime I find something plush and dinosaur that has our colors in it, I can't pass it up! I'm not a huge fan of pillow pets, but when I saw this little guy sitting on the shelf all alone and dinosaur like, I couldn't even continue to just stroll by. I grabbed him and didn't sit him down! For now he resides on top of Daymien's bookshelf until his crib arrives in March :)

This idea was all daddy's :) He posted up a photo of Daymien's crazy parents. I bought this frame for Valentine's Day years ago when Lindo and I were first getting together. Hints the crazy paint all over Lindo's neck - we were at a concert where we could paint each up in glow in the dark paint, which we went a little crazy with. I've had some cute pictures made that I will be posting up in his room as well, but thought this was simply adorable when I walked into Daymien's room and this was up on the wall over where his changing table will be.
I don't even remember where we got this picture from, might have been Target. But it works perfect in Daymien's room. It's a b&w photo with a red bicycle in it. My mom hates it for some reason, but Lindo and I love this photo and decided to keep it in his room (since we transformed my study into his room).

This painting is wonderful because Lindo got it made while he was visiting his mom in Guatemala. It's of Guatemala city. It's simply a gorgeous painting and I love it because it gives Daymien a little of his Hispanic culture feel to his room - for those who don't already know Lindo is Guatemalan.

Last but certainly not least are this kind of badass little skateboards that Lindo bought to hang up in Daymien's room. Although I'm not entirely fond of them (don't care for anything skull related) I love that Lindo is taking an interest in decorating Daymien's room so I'll allow it. But I have to say, once Lindo got these hung up, they weren't bad. They actually compliment the decor and bring a little bit of street edge to the room.
What sorts of things did/do you fill your kids' rooms with?
[happy thursday!]


Jessi said...

Aw how fun! I would be buying stuff from yhe second I found out I was pregnant so I don't think it's too early! I love the piggy bank and those skateboards. Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post :)

ChatterBlossom said...

I love the chalkboard piggy bank! What a cute idea!

birdie to be said...

So fun! I have 4 younger brothers so I know all about the boy stuff! :) Happy Friday!