Tuesday, January 22

baby haul

I've been so consumed with the holidays, appointments and work that I never got to show you what baby got for Christmas!
So this is my mini haul on behalf of my son :)
My mom made sure baby was included in our stockings this year (hehe)
She got him this super cute stocking with a bunny on the front and stuffed it with goodies!
 Daddy got to open baby's stocking this year and oh my! Look at all the cute stuff he got :)
 Daddy is sizing baby up already hehe. 
 Lindo's best friend got baby his first pair of Nike!
He also got him some Steelers onesees, but baby is a Packer fan haha.
Lindo doesn't want to carry my diaper bag around (cause it's too 'mommyish' he says).
So he bought his own 'diaper bag' (yes, it's the Domo backpack lol)

BY THE WAY! Yesterday Lindo and I picked up Daymien's crib and put it together!!! I took some photos that I'm going to share with you very soon! But after putting his crib together and getting the bedding and some plush toys put in it, we sat on the floor in the nursery and just STARED for like an hour at what we had done. No talking, just staring. Course being a women, pregnant and the mom, I couldn't help a couple tears that grew in the corner of my eyes. I'm just so happy and I love that I'm giving my son the best that I can. Above all though, I am so grateful that my son has one of the very best daddys in the whole world!!! He really puts a lot of hard work, love and creativity into everything involving Daymien. And for that, I thank God everyday.

[happy tuesday!]


Girl with a New Life said...

What a sweet blog, and I'm excited for your baby-in-the-oven.

And the backpack/man diaper bag for hubby? Genius.

Ginny said...

What an exciting time for you! Those nukes are soooooo cute!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Oh whoever got those Steelers onesies is a genius. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Diehard houseful of Steelers fans here. :0 How cute, love all of your stuff!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Those little Nike's are the cutest things!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

ChatterBlossom said...

Baby shoes are always so freakin' cute!!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Aw, babies get the cutest things - And I an loving the for-him diaper backpack, awesome!

birdie to be said...

So cute! I love the tiny shoes!

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

Awwwww I can see you have an awesome & sweet life there....thanks for sharing that to me viz your very sweet comment in my blog!!! That meant so much to me!!!


Taylor {CoverGirl + Converse} said...

Aww, how precious! How adorable are those tiny little shoes? SO. CUTE. Looks like this little baby is gonna be spoiled, hehe! All of these little things are so precious!
CoverGirl + Converse

Milna Mandusic said...

Nice gifts!