Thursday, May 31

fashion friday!

I love that it's feeling like summer and I can rock all my new dresses :)
P.S. the headband is handmade by this lovely lady!

Also, check out my dress from yesterday!!!
Couldn't decide which dress to use for Fashion Friday so enjoy them both :)
Seriously love :)

[happy friday!!!]

And for fashion friday I'm linking up with blonde episodes!

strapless birds

I've seriously been loving how wonderfully hot it's been. But that's probably because I can retreat inside if it gets to be too hot lol.
But I feel accomplished :)
I kept saying I wanted to add more dresses to my wardrobe and I did just that :)

Some of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen and commented on this look (p.s.: thank you for all the suh-weet comments, seriously makes my day) but for those looking with fresh eyes, hope you fall in love with it as much as I did!

I'm usually not a fan of strapless dresses, but I HAD to have this one.
And these bird earrings? Of course, another must-have.

What's your favorite outfit this spring/summer?

[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, May 30

summer inspiration: work that butt


Click this for more fitspo/weight-loss inspiration and healthy food :)

Super simple and really gives your butt & legs a workout.
I do this at least twice a week :)
Eat healthy and you're going to look awesome hehe

[happy wednesday!!!]

Tuesday, May 29

shopping monday!

Gosh I love Mondays now!
Did some online shopping :)
Found some super cute stuff!!

I was just introduced to this awesome little shop and I bought these :)
Black Thick Cat Eye Sunglasses
Super excited and can't wait to get them in!!
I'll style them once they're here (hopefully they look awesome on me lol).

Also, what do you think of these?

Thinking about getting them.
They are floral leggings :)

One of my newest favorite online shops is
I love their styles!
Make sure you check their shop out :)
And their fashion blog - where you can buy EVERYTHING that they style!! So cool

Do you have a favorite online store?

[happy tuesday!!!]

material girls

To celebrate my brother's new job, we all went out to Fridays.
Just thought I would share my fit of choice for the evening lol.
Dress: Material Girl; Earrings: Target

By the way, I don't remember where I got those wedges but THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!!!
And I am totally LOVING my sister-in-laws fit and bag! Super cute!

Do you have a favorite outfit?!.

[happy tuesday!!!]

Saturday, May 26

fashion blog love

Fashion blogs are always one of my favorite blogs.
I love to get inspired and see new looks and how people rock them.
One new blog I have totally been crushing on lately is Glamour Girl.

Her style is super cute and she seems to always have the cutest accessories and bags!
Gah! Sometimes I want to reach through the computer screen and just borrow some of her handbags (being the fanatic I am lol).

If you are looking for a new fashion blog, a good read or just a little inspiration make sure you check her out!

Do you have any favorite blogs? 
I'm always in the market for some good ones :)

[happy saturday!!!]

Friday, May 25

shine project {join me!}

I've been inspired to join the newest shine project.
If you don't know what the shine project is, totally check the blog out HERE!! 

So for the next four weeks, I am going to be participating in the Pass it Forward Project.
Each week I will be doing a random act of kindness for a different person in my life, and the following week I will blog about it. 
I would love for you to join me!
You can facebook about it as well (in case you're just a reader and not a blogger) and/or link-up in the comments on each blog post every week (facebook folks, you can link-up your note or if you have private settings, leave a comment)!!

Next week I will pass it forward to a family member and then I will blog about it :)
SO make a plan now to do something nice for a fam member and get ready to tell the world about it!

Here is what we will be doing each week:
week one: pass it forward to a family member
week two: pass it forward to a friend
week three: pass it forward to a neighbor/coworker
week four: pass it forward to a stranger

For more information about Pass it Forward check out the blog post about it and here is where you can get cards if you want to use them as well!

Super excited and hope you are too!!

P.S.: if you haven't ever seen the movie Pay It Forward, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! It's a little sad, but it's life changing because it really sends an eye opening message.

[happy friday!!!]

fashion friday!

CAUGHT! I was wearing my adorable black and hot pink besty johnson house shoes lol. BUT they were comfy and the focus was suppose to be the dress haha.
So remember I kept promising to put more dresses in my wardrobe?!. Well I did it :)
This one being among my favorites now (even though I'm short and it's long) hehe.
It was fun to model and looks amazing.
Got tons of compliments all day :) Think I found my new trend hehe.

[happy friday!!!]
Linking up fashion friday with blonde episodes :)

Thursday, May 24


My brother (being the genius that he is), got a new job!!! 
He's going to be doing game development which he's already so good at :)
I'm so proud of him!!!

Growing up with you was the best little brotherman!
I'm so thankful for our bond and our friendship.
Sucks we had to grow up lol.

Check him out!

[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, May 23

summer inspiration: workout

Just a little inspiration for the upcoming summer :)
Love these workouts and you don't need any equipment; just your will power!
Go be the best you, you can be

[happy wednesday!!!]

Tuesday, May 22

family love

Realized I didn't post any of the photos I took on Mother's Day.
It was such a beautiful day and since Lindo's mom is in Guatemala, we spent the whole day with my family :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed mother's day!

[happy tuesday!!!]