Tuesday, May 29

shopping monday!

Gosh I love Mondays now!
Did some online shopping :)
Found some super cute stuff!!

I was just introduced to this awesome little shop and I bought these :)
Black Thick Cat Eye Sunglasses
Super excited and can't wait to get them in!!
I'll style them once they're here (hopefully they look awesome on me lol).

Also, what do you think of these?

Thinking about getting them.
They are floral leggings :)

One of my newest favorite online shops is DailyLook.com
I love their styles!
Make sure you check their shop out :)
And their fashion blog - where you can buy EVERYTHING that they style!! So cool

Do you have a favorite online store?

[happy tuesday!!!]


Kay said...

I love the floral leggings. You should def. get them! :) I just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway. Please check it out. Thanks!


Que said...

Love the floral pants, great blog.


MissRockwell said...

There's just something about wedges! Those teal ones are awesome!