Wednesday, May 2

Lobster Tale

If you are in Administration, then you know last week was Administrative Appreciation Day.

Our office took us out to Lobster at The Palm's in downtown LA.
It was like going to an art gallery with chairs and tables. The walls were COVERED in faces of people who have/had memberships to the restaurant. Yes you read correctly. MEMBERSHIPS. This place was like walking into a Country Club owned by the Hilton's.

Course I had to have the lobster. And boy this sucker was HUGE! But he was yummy. But for $85 a tail he better have been good lol.
Wish I had got some good photos of the walls, but missed out :( 
Next time I have a couple hundred dollars to blow, I'll get some photos for you guys hehe.
[happy wednesday cuties]
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1 comment:

Nicole Marie said...

$85?! A $20 Lobster here consider expensive for us and I'm in FL! But that is a pretty damn big lobster. Now I was oysters lol. Glad you had fun.