Friday, May 25

shine project {join me!}

I've been inspired to join the newest shine project.
If you don't know what the shine project is, totally check the blog out HERE!! 

So for the next four weeks, I am going to be participating in the Pass it Forward Project.
Each week I will be doing a random act of kindness for a different person in my life, and the following week I will blog about it. 
I would love for you to join me!
You can facebook about it as well (in case you're just a reader and not a blogger) and/or link-up in the comments on each blog post every week (facebook folks, you can link-up your note or if you have private settings, leave a comment)!!

Next week I will pass it forward to a family member and then I will blog about it :)
SO make a plan now to do something nice for a fam member and get ready to tell the world about it!

Here is what we will be doing each week:
week one: pass it forward to a family member
week two: pass it forward to a friend
week three: pass it forward to a neighbor/coworker
week four: pass it forward to a stranger

For more information about Pass it Forward check out the blog post about it and here is where you can get cards if you want to use them as well!

Super excited and hope you are too!!

P.S.: if you haven't ever seen the movie Pay It Forward, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! It's a little sad, but it's life changing because it really sends an eye opening message.

[happy friday!!!]


Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

Oh going to read more about it now!

Happy weekend xo

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I love this project..I'm looking into now! P.S. I thought you would be interested in the giveaway I'm hosting for eShakti on