Thursday, June 7

Michael Kors Giveaway!

Cannonball Pools will be giving away a Michael Kors Handbag!!!

Cannonball Pools is going up for a grant and in order for their application to be considered, they must have 250 votes! They must reach 250 votes before time is up in order to win this bag.
There's 23 days left to win the bag! 


1 - Click on the link above
2 - Click Log In & Support (note: you must have a Facebook to participate)
3 - Search for Cannonball Pools in CA (leave city blank)

4 - Click VOTE on the right of the listing
5 - Click SHARE VOTE

6 - Click the Facebook icon to share on Facebook

7 - Either Tag or Share your link with Cannonball Pools

For more entries to win the bag
* Become my blog follower
* Follow me on Twitter
* Follow Cannonball Pools on Twitter
* Become a fan on Facebook

Leave your comments letting me know you've done you do hehe.


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[happy thursday!!!]

1 comment:

radmilamila said...

hi, i just came across your blog, and participated in the giveaway, hope it is international.
i voted (FB name Radmila Ustych)
follow you on gfc (Radmila U)
follow you on twitter (@radmilamila)
and cannonball pools on twitter

thanks! Radmila,