Tuesday, June 19

fashion blog love!: the series

So I've had some great new fashion bloggers reach out to me!
And I have to say I've been LOVING each one of them!
I seriously have enough fashion blogs to start a series now.
So that's what I've done :)

Every Thursday I will introduce you to a new fashion blog (starting this Thursday!)
If you have a fashion blog or have fashion blogs you love please email, comment, facebook or tweet me!!
I would love to hear from you!!

[happy tuesday!!!]


Alissa F said...

So I just found your blog and can I say that I have probably spent an unhealthy amount of time on it already?! Love it! My blog is adoredlife.blogspot.com and I just started blogging.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Very cool! Sounds like an awesome feature :)

Md Hridoy said...


Fabrizia said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog dear!! I’m following you back!
If you want we can follow also on bloglovin, fashiolista, google+, twitter and facebook?
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