Friday, June 15

fashion friday!

I was walking by Forever 21 and this dress was on the doll in the window and I told Lindo "I would totally rock that" so he walked in and BOUGHT IT! 
Have to start doing that more often I guess haha.

Fell in love with this dress.
Wonderful soft material with a gorgeous floral print and lace on top.

Love that I'm filling my closet with cute dresses for the summer.

What's your favorite summer dress?

[happy friday!!!]

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jas said...


Rita Serra said...

Hii! Omg, I love your dress! It's amazing <3 What do you think if we followed eachother? Kisses, Rita

Priya said...

Uhhmm hang on to that guy, he sounds like a keeper! I realize this may have a negative connotation, but, do people say your doppelganger is Snooki?!