Tuesday, July 31

rawr stitchings: blue, white & satin

Who says blue is a man's color?
Introducing the beautiful blue, satin & white decor pillow at Rawr Stichings.
With little pieces of glitter and beautiful designs, this is the perfect accent pillow.

What's your favorite color?

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Monday, July 30

dont call me white, call me light skinned

So if you have light skin you know what a sun burn feels like.
Well, this weekend I really tested my boundaries with the sun.
Needless to say, the sun showed me who was boss lol.

By the way, the inside of my outlined star is hot pink....my skin BLENDS!

Before this year I have always been able to wear tanning lotion, but that wasn't the case this weekend. 
I got burned so bad I actually ended up with blisters...

Yes, I have learned my lesson.
I will start wearing sun BLOCK. 
As much as I hate it, I have to face the fact that I DONT TAN! Only burn *sad face*
Plus the sun causes wrinkles!
But that's not all it does, it can cause skin cancer as well.

Not to scare anyone, but just to make you aware in case you don't.
I did a little research over the weekend while sitting in my living room with all the windows and doors closed, blinds drawn, A/C on, and lathered up in aleo vera smelling like a plant.
Some of the things I learned (like the wrinkles and cancer) really made me grasp the idea that I need to take care of myself now, before it's too late.

Wear sunscreen! No matter what you shade of skin.
Wear protective eye wear (like sunglasses) 
And try to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time (or short like in my case. A total of 45 minutes in the sun).

You can still have fun :)
Just be safe

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Thursday, July 26

fashion blog love: her late night cravings

I was just introduced to a couple of beautiful women not too long ago and have since fell in love with.
Their styles are super cute and they offer so much on their cute blog

Check out these awesome women and journey through their fashion craves, beauty reviews, decor must-haves and meet their furry friends.

Whose your favorite pair of bloggers?
All-American WeekendBeachy Chic
Alba's Airport InspirationOur Current Cravings - June 2012

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Wednesday, July 25

summer inspiration: lifestyle inspiration!

Every Wednesday I give a little inspiration for getting fit for and in summer. 
Last week I made a decision to change the series to Lifestyle inspiration:

Recently, my grandmother was admitted to ER. She was kept overnight because of the extreme pain she was experiencing in her arms, legs, back and stomach. 
Once released she understood the cause of her severe pain.
Her eating habits and lack of exercise.
I had my brother take a photo of the paper they gave her that explains her disease, the effects and what she will now live with for the rest of her life.

I want to start living healthier NOW before it's too late.
Plus habits are harder to change when you get older.
Hope my journey and efforts somehow inspire you as well!

How do you lifestyle?

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Tuesday, July 24

rawr stitchings

Ask and you shall receive :)
New in my store:

A couple weeks ago I introduced my Jute Vase.
I had several requests for a collection of them because more than one is better.
So you asked, here they are!

If you have items that you would like to see, please let me know!
I love a challenge and always looking for new ideas.
Also, would you guys like me to bring back FREE SHIPPING?

Would love your feedback!

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Monday, July 23

saturday fun

My bestie had a performance last Saturday night and it turned out to be super fun.
There was fashion shows, new upcoming artists and tons of art. 
After the whole show it turned into a night club and we ended up partying a lot longer than we anticipated lol.
Thought I would share some of the fun with you guys.
P.S.: hope I don't spook you guys with the crazy faces we like to make when we get together haha.
P.S.S.: a lot of my favorite photos are blurred. Lindo was a little...gone haha.
The two guys on the end were awesome performers we met after the show.

And my favorite of us:
What do you like to do on Saturday Nights?
Where's some places of interest?

I'm working on getting some of the videos up as well so you can see some of the awesome fashion and my bestie do her thang :)

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Friday, July 20

fashion friday!

Gosh it feels so good to be back!
I've been out sick the last few days. 
No fun!
But I'm feeling better today, YAY
Just in time for Fashion Friday!
My favorite :)

Since I was sick I wasn't feeling up to taking some outfit photos (which just happened to be a tee and a pair of basketball shorts. Wasn't feeling much like dressing up lol)
Bringing you some snippets of my new favorite ring
I'm a little late with it I know.

How has your week been?
Got any new favorite fashions?

[happy friday!!!]

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Thursday, July 19

fashion blog love: honestly...wtf

Today I'm going to spill an obsession and a secret.
I love to make things.
Kay that was the obsession not the secret haha.
The secret...

This blog is seriously all things inspiring.
Try not to spend more than half your day there.
I dare you lol.

Do you have some DIYs? Have a secret place you love to go for ideas?

Blog - Pintrest - Twitter - Facebook - DIYs

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Thursday, July 12

fashion friday!

Happy Friday!

So I was finally able to do the look :)
The hairBOW look!
And I love it!!
Oh! And I think I'm a little obsessed with bows right now hehe.

What's your fashion obsession right now?

[happy friday!!!]

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fashion blog love: a possible fantasy

You ever run across those blogs that you fall so madly in love with you don't even have enough words in your vocabulary to express how much you really adore them?
This is one of those blogs for me.

ONE of my favorite things about this blog is you really capture that "a picture expresses a thousand words". 

Do you have any "I-just-dont-have-the-words-in-my-vacab-to-express-how-awesome-this-blog-is" blog?


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Wednesday, July 11

iLifestyle: flat tummy project

A few months ago, my best friend turned me onto this amazing tumblr and facebook fanpage called "Flat Tummy Project".  This amazing and beautiful girl has seriously been the inspiration behind us getting in shape for summer and training for life in general. 

I feel so honored and blessed to have her visiting my blog today to hopefully inspire you guys as well!

Thank you Amber!
I am so excited to be guest posting on Redheaded Daybook today and I hope my words really do help you. 

My Story
I began my weight loss journey when I was 16 years old. I had moved from one high school to another, and brought 40 extra pounds with me. I was a volleyball play in 9th grade, and I would train 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. This allowed me to eat whatever I wanted, but when I switched schools, I kept the eating habits without doing the exercise, and as a result, reached my highest weight of 181 lbs. I joined the weight loss program, weight watchers, and it really helped. I lost about 16 lbs in 2 months. I was able to keep most of it off until my last relationship. I gained 10 lbs when it ended, and felt pretty bumbed out. I was stuck at 174 lbs until I started hanging out with a new group of people. That’s when I decided to take action, and started the 6 week body makeover (see The Beginning section). I lost 39 lbs, getting to 135 lbs, the smallest I had been in my adult life, but age 19. I graduated, and met my current boyfriend, who is also into health and getting into shape. I am now 21, and have gained 10 lbs, and fluctuate between 135-146, and I have decided that I need to continue my weight loss to reach the goal weight by the time I graduate this year, which is June 17th. I will, however, not be upset if I am not quiet there yet on my graduation day, but I will for sure be at the goal weight by the end of this year. I am hoping that doing this will motivate me into getting into shape, knowing that I am not alone in the journey, and that I have people that I could let down from being a weight loss blogger.

Hahaha exactly!

submitted by bizarrevolution
(Heck, you don’t even need a gym to become fit! I love using the poor man’s gym.)
For work outs I usually would go to the gym, and do 20 minutes of cardio, and about 30 minutes of free weights. But I love taking work out classes. My favorites are zumba, palates, and indoor cycling. I can understand though that many people can't afford those kinds of things, so I offer a page filled with all the popular work outs on it. I actually just started the 30 day shred last night, and I am going to start the Brazilian butt lift soon.
If you are looking for some great non-gym workout, I’ve listed some of my favorite videos HERE for at home use J
With food, I basically try to keep it as clean as I can. I try not to eat more than 1800 a day. But it has to be more than 1200, no unhealthy eating allowed!!! My favorite ice cream alternative that i have made a few times is my peanut butter banana "ice cream". You peel a Banana (usually the one that is starting to turn brown and you don't really wanna eat anyways) and cut it up into about an inch and put it in the freezer. Wait until it is hard, then put it in a blender (or magic bullet like myself) with a little bit of water (like a tablespoon to begin with, cause you will add more later), about 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter, a teaspoon of honey, and 1-2 packets of stevia sweetener (I like stevia in the raw or truvia) and blend. If it is not blending, add more water. Then you can either decide to drink it as a smoothie, or put it in the freezer, the longer you wait, the harder it gets, but it shouldn't get to frozen that it turns into a ice cube lol.

50 Awesome Pre and Post-Workout Snacks | Greatist.com

Good luck and hope your feel inspired!

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