Wednesday, July 25

summer inspiration: lifestyle inspiration!

Every Wednesday I give a little inspiration for getting fit for and in summer. 
Last week I made a decision to change the series to Lifestyle inspiration:

Recently, my grandmother was admitted to ER. She was kept overnight because of the extreme pain she was experiencing in her arms, legs, back and stomach. 
Once released she understood the cause of her severe pain.
Her eating habits and lack of exercise.
I had my brother take a photo of the paper they gave her that explains her disease, the effects and what she will now live with for the rest of her life.

I want to start living healthier NOW before it's too late.
Plus habits are harder to change when you get older.
Hope my journey and efforts somehow inspire you as well!

How do you lifestyle?

[happy wednesday!!!]

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Susanne said...

I try to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and excersice because when you do something for your health, you always feel a bit better than when you just eat crap and lay around all day :)