Tuesday, July 10

home decor & more

Lately I have seriously been all into decorating and rearranging my home. 
Maybe it's the SUPER warm weather and the feel of a new season?
Maybe I'm just a total GIRL hehe.
Whatever it is, my home is going through some intense changes :)

So all this decorating has sparked some more creativity.
So I would like to introduce the newest items of my store:
This adorable Jute Vase is perfect for all rooms in your home.
I love to add a single flower or starfish for added accent :)
Working on making sets.

I don't know why but I am in LOVE with print pillows. 
I have them all over my house.
Some of my collections are now located online :)
New creations on the way!!!

P.S.: I'm looking for some new Etsy stores to fall in love with!
Got any that you're obsessed with?

[happy tuesday!!!]

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