Monday, July 30

dont call me white, call me light skinned

So if you have light skin you know what a sun burn feels like.
Well, this weekend I really tested my boundaries with the sun.
Needless to say, the sun showed me who was boss lol.

By the way, the inside of my outlined star is hot skin BLENDS!

Before this year I have always been able to wear tanning lotion, but that wasn't the case this weekend. 
I got burned so bad I actually ended up with blisters...

Yes, I have learned my lesson.
I will start wearing sun BLOCK. 
As much as I hate it, I have to face the fact that I DONT TAN! Only burn *sad face*
Plus the sun causes wrinkles!
But that's not all it does, it can cause skin cancer as well.

Not to scare anyone, but just to make you aware in case you don't.
I did a little research over the weekend while sitting in my living room with all the windows and doors closed, blinds drawn, A/C on, and lathered up in aleo vera smelling like a plant.
Some of the things I learned (like the wrinkles and cancer) really made me grasp the idea that I need to take care of myself now, before it's too late.

Wear sunscreen! No matter what you shade of skin.
Wear protective eye wear (like sunglasses) 
And try to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time (or short like in my case. A total of 45 minutes in the sun).

You can still have fun :)
Just be safe

[happy monday!!!]

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