Tuesday, February 19

passion vs security

So in the spirit of passion as I mentioned HERE; I have been doing a little a lot of research. I thought that even though I'm on the fence about passion vs security that I should at least equipped myself with as much about my passion/talent as possible before just writing it off. So far I think I've just been feeding my ambition, which I usually wouldn't mind except right now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. So I do more research and thought processing.
For those of you who own your own business/follow your passion on a day to day basis and have a family, how did you make the decision to give up a secure job to follow your dream? Was it difficult? What did you have to consider? Has it been working out for you?

This has been a real struggle for me. I feel capable and would love to drop my job of 6 years to pursue my passion but guess I'm scared this change will RUIN my unborn son's life. And I wouldn't be able to cope with that.

Guess I'm just looking for your wisdom....

By the way, I just had my mind BLOWN this morning when in the book I'm reading, it read "Or possibly you're afraid to follow your passion because you believe you'll have to give up financial security to do so"...... BLOWN!!

[happy thursday!]

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