Monday, February 4

blogging conferences & networking

I recently signed up for and have been enjoying just going through their site and reading random blogs, news and information provided on their site. I'm interested in some of their conferences as well, but realized most of all their conferences take place in Chicago! I don't live in Chicago. And the one conference (that I'm also interested in attending) is in Mountain View, California (which is 6 hours north of me). Sigh.

I would like for some conferences to be held in Southern California! I would even attend a conference in San Diego on the weekend since it's just a couple hours drive away. But atlas, nothing. So I got my little brain a thinking and I want to be able to offer the same great resources to bloggers in Southern California as they have in Chicago. Course this is just a THOUGHT as of now. But a place where So.Cal bloggers can get together, network and get a great speaker on stage would be heavenly to me!

Maybe I'm high on BlogHer inspiration, or maybe you guys feel the same?

What are your thoughts on having a blogging conference in SoCal?

[happy monday!]


Ginny said...

Yeah, there aren't any conferences near me either and I can find any blogger groups either. Sigh.....

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I'm in Dallas and there is one coming up here. I'm not sure if I want to invest in it or not but I'd love to go to one someday!

ELISA said...

Followed back!
Please check also my facebook page and like it if u can!

ChatterBlossom said...

It would be really fun to attend one of these! Hopefully, you can get one closer to you!