Tuesday, July 30

losing my hair

Yep, it's true. I'm losing my hair by the gobs.
Showering use to be one of my favorite times of the day. Now I dread jumping in because I'm standing them trying to push my hair back into my head. It's a freakshow.
Course this is normal. After having a baby your body has to get rid of all the hair that you didn't lose during pregnancy. Forgot that you were losing your hair daily before pregnancy didn't you?!. Well it's catching up now. Losing it by the handfuls isn't fun but I do delight in the weight being lifted from my neck. Guess it's bitter sweet.
On the hair note I was wondering, do you think it's insane to color your hair pink now that your a mom? Does that make us less of a good mom because we like to dye our hair freaky colors?
Images compliments of Google
I'm not thinking of dying my hair anything crazy like pink (plus my hair is already red) but I was at the store yesterday and these older ladies were just being a little stereotypical about the mom with the cool colored hair and a baby in the basket.
Maybe I'll get me a pink wig...
happy tuesday!

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