Thursday, July 25

mid 20s crisis

I see the future of my blog heading into baby central. With fashion too of course (planning a fashion post on Friday so don't go anywhere).
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm having a mid-life (in my 20s) crisis. That's right, a mid 20s crisis is what I'm calling it.
I've found myself wanting to stay at home with my child, wanting to go to work to incorporate some adult conversation into my life and wanting to start a million and a half hobbies because I want to stay creative. I'm a an impasse and have no idea what I'm doing anymore lol.
Of course I have a plan for now until I figure out what I'm really going to do. But this mid 20s crisis is really starting to consume my thoughts. Before baby I KNEW that I was going to be a successful full-time working woman. I had a dream that I was going to be respected and sought after for my talents and ambitions. And that I was to going to the top and staying there until God took me home.
I even had a dream plan for when I was going to have kids: take my time for maternity leave, return to work and be a mommy in the evenings and weekends.
Now...everything has changed. Guess my dreams kind of wisped out the bottle I was holding them in.

My thinking, my dreams, my passions. Everything. Maybe because this is all still new to me I'm being a little dramatic. But at the moment, this is where I am. I want to be a full time mom without being a full time mom. Make sense? lol.
Did your thinking and world go into crisis mode too when you had your first child?
My conclusion: I need a new dream. 
happy thursday
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