Thursday, October 18

wonder, fall in love

I am really in LOVE with Fall
I know you have heard me say that all over my blog, instagram, twitter....
But it's the truth!

Fall just reminds me of chilly days, cold nights huddled under a plush warm blanket by the crackling fire with a cup of peppermint hot chocolate. mmmmm.
A good book in my lap and sleepy puppies at my feet (yes they really do that)

It reminds me of pumpkin spice candles and cinnamon scented pine cones
It also reminds me of bulky sweaters, dark colored scarves and boots!

Fall also represents a new beginning
Leaves change and fall
Flowers go into hiding
And it truly feels like my soul is tucking away the past year and preparing for the new

But most of all, Fall reminds me of family
Gatherings, food, laughter, and tons of love
It's the smiles you see and the stories you tell
The moments you share and the memories you create

Oh yes, I'm ready for Fall

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Diana Marks said...

I love fall too! It's a wonderful season!

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