Wednesday, March 6

three life saving things

Sorry I have been away awhile. And thank you to everyone who commented/emailed and checked up on me. No, I didn't have the baby yet :) Didn't mean to scare anyone.

But things have been changing in my life, and for once in almost 11 years, I was finding it difficult to be positive.

Last week I was told that I have Gestational Diabetes. At first I was devastated. I was terrified what this meant for my baby. Was this going to make him prone to diabetes? Was he going to be an enlarged child? Would he struggle with his weight? What sort of complications might he have?

A million questions and concerns flooded my body.

So, Lindo and I attended a class the following Monday (diagnosed on a Friday) to learn about Gestational Diabetes and what we could do/expect. I thought the class would help me feel better about what was happening, but it only worried me more.

I was given a strict diet that I was asked to follow, a test kit to test my blood 7 times a day. 7!!!! That's taking a needle and jabbing my fingers for blood 7 times a day! We were given information about what could happen to our baby and ourselves if we didn't make the changes we needed and tested ourselves as instructed. A severe case could end with a still born.

Needless to say, again, I was TERRIFIED.

I went a week taking my blood, following my diet and praying for my baby's life. All the while trying to find my silver lining as I have always done and been quite good at. But every time the needle pricked my skin, and the number came on the screen, I felt defeated, scared, and a sadness I have never felt before.

Then, just this past weekend, I think I figured it all out (teenage talk right lol). But honestly my numbers have been perfect since I just accepted what was happening with my body, got determined to make sure Daymien comes out perfect and healthy and did the following three things:

  1. Stay Hydrated: I now drink at LEAST 8 of the Venti size cups at Starbucks of liquids a day.
    I usually go between water and passion tea, since it's caffeine-free and for sweetner I use between 2-3 Equals, nothing else. I make my tea at home, at work or buy a passion tea from Starbucks. And (yes this part is gross but totally true) you can monitor if you are staying hydrated enough by the color of your urine. The yellower it is, the more liquid you need.
  2. Watch My Portions:  This was the HARDEST part for me.
    I didn't realize how bad my portioning was. I would consume a huge plate of food and not be hungry for hours when I would consume another giant plate of food. This may have worked for me when I wasn't pregnant, but being pregnant your supposed to eat every 2-3 hours.  When I first started my 'diet', it wasn't so much what I was eating (because I eat relatively healthy; minus the piece of pie or piece of cake I think I have to have everyday), it was HOW much I was eating of it. This coming Monday will make 2 weeks of following this 'diet' and I already can feel the difference. The portions ARE enough, the foods aren't that bad and I still get to have that little sweet goodie, even if it's the sugar-free version, which surprisingly tastes almost the same as the real thing and you have so many options these days.
  3. Walk Walk Walk: I promise you this was a huge key to my overall success!
    I just walk 20-30 minutes after each meal and va boom! My levels are wonderful :) I just barely figured this part out this week. I got the hydrated and portions down before doing the walking thing, and my numbers have never looked so good :)
That's when I found my silver lining - I'm creating great habits for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I feel good, and I know that Daymien is feeling good too. I'm staying hydrated (which minus going to the restroom every 30 minutes/hour) has made me feel and look really good. I'm watching my portions of food, and even though I felt like I was starving before, the portions work for me now and give me all the energy I need to keep going and stay active even while entering my 8 month of pregnancy. And walking has worked wonders for the added 'fat' pregnancy brings. My legs have stopped exploding, my butt feels tighter instead of fatter and it actually feels like I'm cleansing my body which adds to my energy level and motivation.

Please excuse my messy bed

Just thought I would share and I will continue to share on my progress and how I'm dealing with this new found obstacle (not disease).

Also I will be announcing my giveaway winners soon! So stay tuned :)

[happy wednesday!]

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Debra said...

Hi Amber! sister also went thru this during her pregnancy. And my beige and sis are both the picture of health these days. No lasting side effects. Infact, you may not even have it after giving birth like my sister. Will pray for you sweetie. Sounds like you're healthier than ever. Hugs!