Tuesday, September 4

full of love

Getting back in the groove!
Sorry I have been MIA for seriously FOREVER.
Lots happened(ing) in my life :)
Quick breakdown:

a - went and got myself engaged :) hehe. Lindo proposed to me on August 1st (his birthday). He's telling everyone he got himself a fiance as a gift...he's so adorable sometimes hehe. 

Photos were captured by his BFF who was "in the know" lol. He put this together for us :)

b - Lindo and I went on vacation for a couple weeks. We ended up in Florida and in the Bahamas! It was the best time EVER! Some cute photos from then :)

We took a cruise to the Bahamas, held alligators, danced in a thunderstorm, snorkeled with rainbow fish and fell in love with white sand and warm waters.

c - I am in training for another office. It's not official but it's consuming a lot of my time. Yay new opportunities

d - I have been working on revamping my website and am now getting ready for fall fashion :)
Check it out now, there's a HUGE sale going on and you get free shipping on purchases of $15 or more until midnight tonight if you use coupon code LBRDAY (in all caps) at checkout. Free shipping is included on sale items as well :) Items starting at $5!!

e - this may be minor but it was a project for me. I redid my home office!! Super excited, especially since I am considering a new business :) Details later 

I will get back on board with my blogging and have began my responses to all you wonderful people!

Thank you so much!! Love you guys!

What's new in your life?

[happy tuesday!!!]

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