Thursday, August 2

fashion blog love: running on happiness

I recently watched one of Jenna Marbles videos on having girl crushes (by the way LOVE JENNA).
AND for those of you who haven't watched her video she talks about the kind of crushes where you just love something about a girl. Her hair, her skin, her fashion sense. 
We all have those moments.
And I really think I have a girl crush on this lovely lady from

She's so pretty and her fashion sense is just so down to earth and PERFECT.
Plus, she introduces you to all these other awesome bloggers!
Just in love with her blog and her fashion PERIOD.

Who you crushing on this summer?

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[happy thursday!!!]

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Sara Bell said...

I can definitely see why you're such a fan. I do love her style, but oh, the hair-bow! So lovely and perfect! I always wanted to try that when I had longer hair and never remembered to do it. Now I'll have to wait a while!