Wednesday, September 28


I finally started a blog for Materialize Me to help those who have questions, concerns, fashion venting, ideas, suggestions, etc to put down :)

I got this question just the other day and thought this was a good one to address (since it is the season):

Q: Last year everybody had a peacoat... are they gonna be that popular again this year??

A: Peacoats are always in style. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are a fashion icon all over the world!! Peacoats were originally designed for sailors (American & European). Since then peacoats are worn by all sorts of people all over the world!! They have become fashion must haves in Europe, Asia and now in America. The great thing is, with all the demand for peacoats, they no longer have the itchy wool feel that the sailors of the day endured (but the peacoats kept them WARM), but they are more stylish and usually made from polyester and wool (and lined) so you don’t get the itchy feel. Overall, peacoats are always in style and they are designed for everyone to enjoy.

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