Tuesday, February 19

mint dreams

Very basic outfit that I threw togeether before the sun went completely down. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go back to taking all my outfit photos on the weekend because by the time I get home and try to take them, they come out like this. Dark and I look like I've had a hard day lol.

But I'm still rocking that mint and just threw a cute blazer (that will soon not fit) over top for a more pro look :) By the way, this silver chain choker has become one of my favorite pieces :)

Anyways! I will be going for a pregnancy shoot soon :) Can't wait!!! Got any tips for me?


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passion vs security

So in the spirit of passion as I mentioned HERE; I have been doing a little a lot of research. I thought that even though I'm on the fence about passion vs security that I should at least equipped myself with as much about my passion/talent as possible before just writing it off. So far I think I've just been feeding my ambition, which I usually wouldn't mind except right now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. So I do more research and thought processing.
For those of you who own your own business/follow your passion on a day to day basis and have a family, how did you make the decision to give up a secure job to follow your dream? Was it difficult? What did you have to consider? Has it been working out for you?

This has been a real struggle for me. I feel capable and would love to drop my job of 6 years to pursue my passion but guess I'm scared this change will RUIN my unborn son's life. And I wouldn't be able to cope with that.

Guess I'm just looking for your wisdom....

By the way, I just had my mind BLOWN this morning when in the book I'm reading, it read "Or possibly you're afraid to follow your passion because you believe you'll have to give up financial security to do so"...... BLOWN!!

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Friday, February 15

fashion friday: firmoo review!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
With the growing 'me' in progress (now 7 months!!!) I have really had to be pretty clever with my outfits. So this may seem 'simple' to you, but it was a lot of work to put together lol.

But let me introduce you to one of my favorite accessories with this outfit: my new GLASSES!!! I swear these bad boys have become my favorite overnight! And unlike MOST fashion glasses you buy (like my favorite places: icing, target & charlotte russe) these are so comfortable and don't have that weird glare effect in the sun or foggy look - you know the one where you put them on and it looks like your looking through smeared glass? Yea, ELIMINATED in these cuties!
Firmoo was so generous to gift me with these beauties (which I have seriously seen all over the web, on celebs and blowing up fashion blogs). You can even create a profile with them and upload photos of you styling your glasses! It's such a neat and fun little community. Meet other folks and see how they style.

You can check out my profile & photos HERE.

I am really impressed with the casing it arrived in as well. Not your standard 'hard casing' in my opinion. This casing is soft, light and reminds me of a turtle because it just feels like it's made to last! Sometimes you get those cute cases for your glasses and the hinges wear out or it doesn't close all the way or it ends up with a weird overbite (I hate when that happens the most). But this case feels solid and built to last. Plus you get this super soft little black bag to put your case and glasses into (seriously I carry this thing with me EVERYWHERE now). 
By the way, I chose the plaid pattern because it's a little bit different and plaid is kinda my thing. I love the mixture of colors and geometric pattern. Plus it blends some of the prettiest colors :)

And did I mention that I was surprised how fast these got here?!. I think they come from somewhere in China, but I got them within a week! And the representatives are SUPER responsive and helpful.

Now onto my outfit and styling of these lovely plaids.
I seriously hate this up-close and too-personal photo but the hubby loved it so ... here you go. 
Want to get a pair of these seriously over-the-top cute and comfortable glasses for practically NOTHING?!. Then visit Firmoo! Right now they are offering first time customers a FREE pair of glasses!!! You can choose from prescription, non-prescription or sunglasses!

Be sure to check Firmoo out and spread the news of FREE glasses (how can you pass it up?!.)

Tag me in your glasses photos!! Either via instagram, facebook or twitter!!! Love to see how you style :)

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Thursday, February 14

diy valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether it's spent with someone or solo. Hope today is blessed and beautiful :)

Just thought I would share some cutsie Valentine's Day DIYs :) Enjoy!!
10 best printable valentines DIYs | Camille Styles
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Pinned Image
Pinned Image 
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
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Wednesday, February 13

butterfly kisses

This was such a fun outfit to do :) Even though from the side I look like I really swallowed a basketball the flow and comfort of this dress is amazing! Plus I'm a little obsessed with navy and white right now. It's so gorgeous! And it gave me a reason to bust out with my white flats :)

Tonight I'm working an event so I'll be on my feet ALL night, but I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately, this week I have started to gain all that water weight the doctor warned about. I swear I feel like a blowfish all over. The worst is in my face (ugh!) but it's for my little man so it's totally worth it. It's crazy to think that I only have 12 weeks left!!! And then I'll be a mommy!

Today I start my kick chart with him :) So every evening, after dinner, I'm to find a quiet place to rest, place my hand over my tummy, look at the time, and see how long it takes him to kick me 10 times. This is the fun part, cause I seriously enjoy feeling his little self move around, kick and skate across my tummy :) It's a feeling I KNOW I'm going to really miss when he's here. But I have really enjoyed every moment of it.

P.S.: if you want more fashion or want to link-up your cute outfits, be sure to stop by Style Elixir

Well lovely readers, time to get ready for my event! Oh! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a cute wallet and gift card!!


Tuesday, February 12

giveaway: materialize me

I wanted to say thank you to all my beautiful readers
So I'm having a little giveaway :)
Compliments of Materialize Me
Simple to enter!!

1 - be a follower of my blog
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That's it!
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Giving away two snakeskin wallets!
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Giveaway ends February 19th!
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Thank you all you lovely readers!!!

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Monday, February 11

2013 Valentine Blogging Party

While doing my usual blog reads I came across Casey's post about a Valentine Blogging Party! The hubby and I 'celebrate' Vday usually with just some sweet text messages back and forth and dinner. A couple times he's surprised me with chocolate covered fruit or goodies. But I totally wanted to get in on this party!!

First off, you get to meet another blogger!!! I got to meet the inspiring Angie from Gracefully Giddy {When Life Gives You Lemons}. Boy did I luck out!! This sweet mom touches on faith, family & life throughout her cute blog. Through being completely raw with her feelings, hopes and prayers she inspires & gives a couple laughs along the way.

Second, you get to give (and receive) an awesome Valentine's gift from your blogging buddy!!! Here's what Angie sent me :)
Angie - again, it was wonderful to meet you and get to know you a little bit. You have been a true faith builder for me in the short time I've had to speak with you. I wish you all the best and tons of blessings on you and your gorgeous family!

Check out all the other Vday Party-goers HERE and see what kinds of gifts they got!

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Friday, February 8

fashion friday!

Mint has been an obsession for awhile and I'm just getting into the groove. I picked up this cute little sweater from Macy's and have been loving it! I swear if it wasn't gross I would love to wear this everyday.

I have to say that it's getting a little frustrating that none of my jeans are fitting anymore! Some days it almost reduces me to tears because some days just feel like a jean kind of day. So what do I do? Find a way to make it work (since I can't zip-up or button up) or find a pair of leggings to act as my pants for the day. I found that jeggings have been a lifesaver! Look like jeans but stretch like leggings.

What were/are you favorite pregnancy clothes? 

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Wednesday, February 6

like a bee

These photos turned out Awful to say the least, but I was pushing too many outfits into one day.
But still. I'm going to share them with you.

I'm a little obsessed with stripes
And I LOVE yellow (even though sometimes it clashes with my red hair)
So I combined some of my favorite items:
Yellow, stripes and this super cute vest
And yes, this skirt is a maturity skirt!!!
Isn't that crazy! haha.
And just a couple shots I took in the house :)

I fits it perfect...

Skirt - Motherhood
Sweater - Zara
Vest - Bought too long ago to remember
Shoes - Wet Seal
Hair - Messy

I promise to do better with this whole lighting thing. I'm working on some new places to shoot at as well - one of my goals this year. So hopefully I'll have some better quality/better lighting/better location photos coming up. In the meantime this will have to do.

[happy wednesday!]

Tuesday, February 5

fresh squeezed oranges

So I've been in this funky kind of mood the last couple of days. And not to say it's a stink of a mood, because it's not. But I've been feeling like I have so much more potential then what I'm exerting. Not to mention that I've been on this 'road to self discovery' on the down low. But of course this could be the pregnancy heightening my emotions. But at the same time, this could be a good thing.

I feel like I'm really letting FEAR take over my path in life. I feel like because I'm about to bring a new baby into the world and because we just bought a new house (I know that threw you for a loop, details coming soon!!! And of course photos), I'm too afraid to really drop my job and pursue my passion/talent/what I'm good at/enjoy. 

Do you ever feel that way? So secure where you are at (financially speaking) that you just don't have the courage to quit and pursue your passion. 

It's saddening because I have always had the philosophy that you can do whatever you set your mind to and that you should pursue what makes you happy. But it's true what the 'adults' counter with: life happens (kids, house) and you really feel trapped.

Like I said it's not a stink mood I'm in because I'm happy with my job, but feel like I'm limiting myself, my abilities and my ambition. I want so much more for myself but I don't want to be selfish or irrational but quitting a secure and well paying job for uncertainty. If Daymien wasn't on the way this decision would be so easy. But I'm RESPONSIBLE for this little man's happiness.

[happy tuesday!]