Friday, June 29

fashion friday!

I know I have been doing a lot of shorts and tees, but seriously, what is summer for if not to show off your overly white legs? hehe.

PS. My shorts were jeans that I cut into shorts and then distressed. 
Not bad for my first attempt :)

What's your favorite summer outfit?

[happy friday!!!]

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Thursday, June 28

fashion blog love: cosa mi metto???

So my new fashion blog love?
This wonderful little lady and her adorable blog Cosa mi metto???
GAH! Her style is beyond adorable!
And she is so pretty
Check her out and leave some lovely comments :)

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[happy thursday!!!]

Tuesday, June 26

for two little girls

So I've been feeling a little creative lately.
And since my little sister's birthday was this past weekend, I got my little hands busy and made a couple new creations :)
Just thought I would share.
Tutu was for the birthday girl - Hannah. 
She turned 4.
I just finished this pillow for Haeli 
She's 2.

Items are now available in my store :)

[happy tuesday!!!]

a different kind of fashion

Also, special Facebook giveaway going on HERE

I just thought I would share some of my baby fashion :)
My girls NEVER wear any hair accessories, but when I took them to the groomers, they came out looking SUPER SUPER cute!
Course, Missie had one of her bows off before we even got to the car. AND as soon as we got home, she got to work on the other:

Haha. Hope this made you smile :)

[happy tuesday!!!]

Monday, June 25

brown sunshine

It's been so hot lately I've had to pull out my skirts, tanks, shorts and sandals.
I love this brown combination. 
It's def not colorful (so not very me), but I still love the strips with the skirt.
And you know I wouldn't be able to pull this off without my new hot pink bow ring (new love)

[happy monday!!!]

Friday, June 22

fashion friday!

It's summer! And of course I am totally milking the shorts scene (love more than skirts and dresses lol). 
Here I paired my favorite pair of short shorts with a cute stripped button up and glitter heels :)
I love this top too! But looking at the photos I realize it makes me look fatter than in real life lol
The sides are cut to show your skin so yes, it's supposed to be seen.
And I love this fit with sandals usually, but wanted to see if I could dress it up :)

What's your favorite summer wear?

[happy friday!!!]

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Thursday, June 21

fashion blog love: coming unstitched

Meet Sarah from Coming Unstitched.
She has the cutest little fashion blog filled with personal style, lookbooks, outfit ideas and much more!!
Plus Sarah is just about the sweetest person you will ever meet.
Check her out and leave her some lovely comments.

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[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, June 20

summer inspiration: beach time

Dang. That's what I'm talking about. Exactly how I feel
Summers basically here :)
I'll keep up the inspiration. Hope you feel inspired.

[happy wednesday!!!]

Tuesday, June 19

fashion blog love!: the series

So I've had some great new fashion bloggers reach out to me!
And I have to say I've been LOVING each one of them!
I seriously have enough fashion blogs to start a series now.
So that's what I've done :)

Every Thursday I will introduce you to a new fashion blog (starting this Thursday!)
If you have a fashion blog or have fashion blogs you love please email, comment, facebook or tweet me!!
I would love to hear from you!!

[happy tuesday!!!]

instagram: may & june

I LOVE that they finally created Instagram for us faithful Droid users lol.
So thought I would share some of the photos I have posted since I started in May :)
Also, if you don't follow me already, follow me @redheadeddaybook
Comment your Instagram username below!!

[happy tuesday!!!]
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