Wednesday, November 30

bloggie giveaway!!!

If you are into Vlogging then you NEED a bloggie!! It's a cute, sleak awesome little camcorder that looks sorta like the iphone and is super cute! Fits in your purse, pocket and everywhere else!

Photos below are from here

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birthday fun & holiday nails

Gaby's Birthday Bash

Okay, so I LOVE birthday parties. And I especially LOVE girl birthday parties. Seeing all the pretty fits, shoes and BAGS! OMG! My friend has the CUTEST bag - and course I forgot to get a picture! Bummer.  Hopefully hubby will get me the bag for Christmas and I can take photos then :)

Anyways, Gaby's birthday bash was fun! We went to this awesome sushi place in NoHo where they blast music, do games and there's ton of entertainment. Plus, Lindo and I got to see some old friends :)

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from that evening.  I LOVED my fit, especially with the hot pink heels with the gray dress. Dressing up is always fun and taking tons of photos is even funNER lol.

Overall great night :)

OH! Did my nails bold red last night :)
Merry Pre-Christmas hehe.

Monday, November 28

earrings galore!

So I got a little happy with my earring making this weekend (but it was so much fun!).

The Pretty Bow collection is now complete :)
Pretty Bow Icing Earrings

Pretty Bow Cupcake Earrings

Pretty Bow Princess Earrings

Pretty Bow Buttercreme Earrings

Pretty Bow Christmas Earrings

Collection is now available exclusively on Redheaded Daybook. Working on getting the tab going on my website so you can purchase them there too :)

Now till Christmas, the Pretty Bow Collection is available for $4.99 a pair :)
Make cute gifts and wonderful stocking stuffers!
If you would like them packaged up pretty, please let me know.
Paypal only for now, sorry.

 Tis the season....FOR SNOWFLAKES!
My favorite Christmas past time is playing in the snow!
Now for a limited time, Glitter Snowflake Joy Earrings are available in three beautiful colors.

Glitter White Snowflake Joy

Glitter Silver Snowflake Joy

Glitter Blue Snowflake Joy

Collection is now available right here on Redheaded Daybook!!

Now till Christmas, the Glitter Snowflake Joy collection is available for $4.99 a pair :)
Make cute gifts and wonderful stocking stuffers!
Christmas wrapping is also available.


And now for my serious favorite pair of Christmas earrings :)

Yummy Sweet Christmas Swirl Earrings

My newest and cutest Christmas earrings up for sale now :)
Adorable red & green mixture gives you just the sweet touch your outfit will flaunt.
And what beautiful woman can say no to glitter? Sparkles make the world go round in case you didn't know.
I try to make a cute and totally unique pair of earrings every once and awhile and think these cuties take the cake.

Now till Christmas, these beauties can be yours (or a loved ones) for $5.99! 
Make cute gifts and wonderful stocking stuffers!
If you would like them packaged up pretty, please let me know.


Here's to all you beautiful readers :)
Hope your Thanksgiving was wild and your bellies are full! 
Christmas will be here before you know it and I know my loved ones are expecting gifts.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 26

happy birthday mama!

 She's very proud of her age :)
 Lindo & I took her out to Outback Stakehouse, perfect choice for a prime rib loving woman lol.  She went with the classics of prime rib, mash potatoes, mixed veggies and Lindo and I topped it off with a yummy birthday ice cream.

 I know this photo is blurry, but I love it

 Reenacting how she blew out her candle lol.
 Aw. Lindo & Mom :)

I really love this woman.  She's a role model, a teacher, a caretaker and my mother.  She changed my life as well as gave me life.  She held me in her arms, taught me to walk, showed me to stand up for what's right, introduced me to my Savior (Jesus) and encouraged me to be a woman of worth.

Love you mama!

black friday purchase

So I don't like going out on Black Friday because people are crazy! Some people even skip Thanksgiving because they want to be part of the "door busters".  Sad really.  Thanksgiving to me is a time for family and thankfulness.  Feel for those children who spend theirs in parking lots and using porta potties for two days  :( heartbreaking. PS, 10 people were injured at the Walmart that I love to shop at because they were "door busting".  They are in my prayers.

So, on another note. A happier one.  I got a sweet deal today from this lovely ladies' site :) I'm in love and can't wait to receive them:

You can get a discount too! Use code: TURKEYWKEND20 today and tomorrow only to get 20% off :)

PS. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow, so I'm taking her out tonight!  Have to get ready.

Love you guys!

day after

So because I have gained like 30 lbs, I thought Belle, Missie & Snoopy would be best for photographs the day after Thanksgiving lol.

They literally look how I feel: tired and satisfied.

LOVE Thanksgiving!!!  Hope yours was just as wonderful :)

Def feel like Missie here lol.

Friday, November 25

50 follower giveaway

So I'm looking to get 50 followers! 
And just because, I have some goodies that I will raffle off to the winner once I hit the 50 followers mark :)

Also, don't forget to check my small business out online and my hubby online as well! Mention Redheaded Daybook for a special discount.

Pretty Blue Bow Earrings (not the pair I'm wearing cause those are mine lol)
Grandma Made Magnetic Bracelet/Necklace
Hot Pink Nail Polish
Pretty Blue Bow Earrings are my new favorite pair!

Perfect finishing touch to all my fits :)

My Grandma loves giveaways and so she made and sent me this cute hot pink magnetic bracelet/necklace.

As a bracelet :)

Short necklace :)

Long necklace (my favorite style)

Beautiful Hot Pink nail polish (a personal favorite hehe)

Tell your friends & family!  I'll also have another special SURPRISE giveaway!

Happy Black Friday!!! 
Be safe out there!